XBOOT Multi Boot
Permite Escolher Diferentes Unidades a Boot após primeiro Boot.
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is an boot manager, it allow you to choose different drive to do boot after it run.
It wait same secondes (you may config this), and after it load the hd boot automatically, have 2 options, ENTER and SPACE BAR, if ENTER is keypressed it call the Hard Disk, if you choose SPACE BAR, it call the default unit (Floppy, CD, etc).

You put it in Boot Sector (Master Boot Record), it's very simple ! you may use the DEBUG program for this.

Steps, example for place in a floppy disk:
What will do:
First, we will remove the original content from Boot Sector 
( Cyl 0, Side 0, Sector 1 )  to Last Sector (Cyl 4Fh, Side 1, Track 12h)

1) Place the original Boot at last disk sector
keypressed DEBUG at DOS (load from first boot sector)
-l100 0 0 1
-w100 0 b3f 1

2) Place the XBOOT image to Boot Sector
keypressed DEBUG xboot.bin  (put compiled image at last disk sector)
-w100 0 0 1

3) READY ! You may make boot now !


Version  Disponível para Download Documention  Resources
Version 1.2 xboot 1.2 + src + binary Readme 1.2 Floppy, CD, Após 40 ticks aciona o HD automaticamente
Version 1.0 xboot 1.0.+ src + binary    Floppy, CD, Aguarda Tecla para Continuar


Tools for to compiler
Assembly Compiler


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